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Kennon's C-130 Engine Wastewater Collection System
Provides Time, Environmental & Cost-Savings Benefits
Kennon developed a solution for C-130 engines that dealt with an engine wash water problem produced during routine compressor washings. 

The rinse water can have metal contaminants, which need to be carefully contained and collected.  Earlier collection systems tended to be large, not easily transportable, and required a storage area.  In some cases, engines were not being washed out as often as desired due to the difficulties of dealing with the rinse water.

Use when engine is on or off the aircraft.


C-130 Wastewater Collection System
C-130 Engine Wastewater Containment System
C130-Engine Wash
C-130 Engine Wash Collection System
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Kennon's C130 Engine Wastewater Containment System is very portable.
C130 Engine Wash Pack
Engine Wash Pack
C130 Engine Wash Pack
  • Lightweight
  • Small foot print
  • Easily Storable
  • Satisfies Environmental Requirements
  • Lower Cost

Kennon Part No: KENC130EWCS

GSA Contract Holder

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