Military Aircraft Covers


Kennon's Capabilities
Av-8 Harrier Sun Shields
Kennon's flagship product - the Kennon Sun Shield

In 1984, Kennon introduced the Kennon Sun Shield, a wedge fitting form of heat protection that very quickly become the leading form of heat protection in the general aviation, business and military aircraft markets.

Kennon went on to develop a full line of covers for General Aviation Aircraft, business and military aircraft.

How Kennon is Similar to Other Aircraft Cover Companies

Kennon is one of several companies that build protective coverings to prevent corrosion, sand intrusion, scratching, heat build-up and damage caused by sunlight and ultraviolet light (UV), dust, rain, wind, etc.

Like those companies, Kennon's roots are deep into the craft of tailoring covers to the shape of the object. In 1984 covers were designed by hand, making patterns from plastic, cutting and sewing much like a tailor crafts a suit of clothes. The craft approach served the company and the customer well, but it was not efficient, and it often required multiple fittings and alterations.

The materials used back then were commercial off-the-shelf fabrics and attachments. However, the coverings industry wasn't keeping pace with advances made in the industrial fabrics industry.

Kennon Products Growing with Military, oil field innovations
Kennon's owner & cofounder, Ron Kensey.
What Distinguishes Kennon

Today, Kennon approaches product , design, and manufacturing differently.

Kennon's covering solutions are designed by a highly qualified and skilled engineering team. It is a scientifically engineered solution that often is constructed from advanced technical fabrics that weren't available even five years ago.

The covers are lighter, stronger and, able to withstand the sun. If corrosion is a concern, then the cover is designed to keep the contents dry yet allow moisture to escape.

The result is a Kennon Cover, safer cover that is built to last.

Kennon is responsive to the needs of the customer and communicates in a language that aircraft manufacturers, manufacturers of delicate equipment and corporate and commercial customers understand.

Kennon's in-house engineering department includes a PHD, material scientist, a chemical engineer, industrial engineer, mechanical engineer and a systems engineer.

Kennon's Accomplishments Include:
  • Protected payloads with very delicate surface finishes from road hazards as they were transported across the country on the back of an oversized flat bed truck.

  • Designed a reusable cover that can save thousands of man hours by eliminating the shrink wrapping process.  The end result was a cover that installed in less time, didn't trap moisture, and was better for the health and safety of the installers. The reusable cover was also better for the environment than disposable shrink wrap.

  • When a customer was facing a potential fine for ground contamination caused by engine wash, Kennon designed a wash water collection system that not only solved the problem, but saved valuable time.

  • Kennon has been supporting our troops since Desert Storm.  Almost every aircraft in the desert has one Kennon product or another keeping it safe from the damaging effects of the sun, heat or blowing sand.


Kennon's Research and New Product Development

Kennon Cabin Liner
As a result of a NAVAIR SBIR Award Kennon is in the process of commercializing a cabin lining system to provide more efficient thermal and acoustic insulation.

Kennon is the recipient of several SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) grants from the United States Department of Defense and is in the process of commercializing more than one products of their research.

These projects include developing new acoustic and thermal insulation systems for military aircraft, a new clamp to replace the bonded click stud, lighter more efficient life rafts and ocean survival equipment to protect our aviators as well as innovations to stop bullets and fragments from injuring our troops.

Kennon is often called on to develop custom solutions to protect assets from unique hazards such as flying gravel, dust storms, road hazards, buffeting winds,  freezing rain, etc., and to protect items that, because of their size and shape, can’t be crated, boxed or covered with an ordinary tarp.

Besides aircraft, high value assets may include water and land craft, scientific and mechanical equipment, armaments support equipment, etc. which are deployed to harsh environments, or one-of-a-kind, odd shaped, or odd sized objects





Kennon is a GSA and DOD contract holder; has a DCAA approved accounting system and is available for sub-contracting, prototype development, SBIR collaboration and teaming.   

Our Customers include:

NAVAIR – SBIR Phase 1 and 2
United States Army
United States Air Force
United States Navy
United States Marine Corps,
United States Coast Guard
United States Army and Air National Guard.    
Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.
Northrup Grumman
BAE Systems
American Eurocopter
Cessna Aircraft

A strength of Kennon’s is the ability to form and manage multi-disciplinary research teams, and deliver useful products at the end.  In addition to SBIR research, Kennon also routinely designs new products for the military, military primes, and the commercial aviation industry.  Kennon employs a partnering model, bringing talented people and their ideas together, to create new and useful products and opportunities. 

Kennon is currently collaborating with the University of Wyoming, Auburn University, Sikorsky and EADS/Eurocopter, as well as numerous materials manufacturers.