Military Aircraft Covers


Why Choose Kennon Covers?
Kennon designs and builds safer covers, and builds them to last.

Kennon Covers

If you are buying covers for use in the desert, two things are essential:

1. The cover must fit snugly. A poor fitting cover allows sand intrusion and may damage the aircraft.

2. The fabric next to the windows must repel dust and sand. A fuzzy lining collects is soft to the touch but the fuzz collects dust and sand that may scratch the windows. Kennon uses a slippery micro-fiber lining that repels sand, and is safer against the windows.

Before you order covers, request a material samples from competing companies and compare them. Request a cover demonstration or ask other units about the covers they use.

Kennon will gladly send you samples or schedule cover demonstrations and help your secure safer covers that are build to last!


Kennon Covers are made from superior fabrics, right down to the thread.
Here are some of the materials we use.

Kennon WeatherMax

A unique engineered polymer material designed specifically for constant outdoor use.  It is extremely UV resistant and extremely resistant to fading and color loss.  This fabric is breathable, abrasion resistant and eliminates sagging.

Kennon Silver WeatherMax

Kennon's Anti-Grit Lining

Kennon's Anti-GritKennon introduced a micro-fiber lining in the early 1990's after it was reported that fuzzy linings were the apparent cause of several millions of dollars of damage to military aircraft involved in Desert Storm.

Fine sand collects in fuzzy material and scratches the transparency system.

Now we've significantly improved the lining to include a static-disapating feature. Static charged acrylic windows attract dust and dust scratches. Kennon's new Anti-Grit lining helps reduce static and further helps prevent scratching.


Why Does Stitching Fail?

Tenara Thread

Tenar Thread Break

Today's fabrics last 5 to 10 years. Why not have seams that last at least as long as the fabric?

Tenara Thread FailureAircraft Covers are exposed to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, cleaning agents, pollution, saltwater, air, rain and snow. While these elements affect both fabric and seam thread, the thread usually fails first.

Traditionally, polyester thread has been used, requiring re-stitching every few years.

GORE TENARA® Sewing Thread... for seams that last a fabric's lifetime.

Sewing threads were exposed to the elements in the Arizona, USA desert over three (3) years. While other threads lost over one half of their strength, GORE TENARA® thread maintained 100% of its strength.

Tenera Card Tenera Thread Warranty

W.L. Gore & Associates even back up their thread with a warranty, so the thread on your cover should last as long as the fabric does.


Kennon is in a Rapid Response Mode

Kennon will travel (nearly) anywhere to help solve problems for the U.S. military. 

Kennon traveled to Dyess AFB to design and fit a system that joins directly to the engine cowling and over the exhaust – no attachments or modifications are required to the aircraft. Following an initial fitting, a prototype was produced and tested on site.  The prototype took airmen 16 minutes to install out of the storage bag.  The system was used for several formal washings, on test stands and on the aircraft.  Maintenance personnel were pleased with its effectiveness and ease of use.

We have developed protective covers and systems for a wide variety of unique and common needs, for nearly every platform.  Let Kennon put its custom-design experience to work for you! 

Contact us today. You can depend on Kennon.