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Gash Guards
Introducing the "Kennon Gash Guard". Gash Guards prevent injury.
Gash Guard K Gripper


Millions of dollars of workplace injury and lost time is due to accidental "gash" caused by sharp objects on and around an aircraft.

Now you can prevent those injuries by using the Kennon Gash Guard.

Our gash guards are guaranteed to grip and stay attached to any surface or object that is at least 1 inch tall. Gash Guard has a 4 inch opening, and it's fast and easy to install.

Gash Guard is a reusable "Green" alternative to consumables such as bubble wrap, tape and foam



No Gash Guard
Run into these and they hurt!
Gash Guard K Raw Cov
Gash Gaurd keeps you safe!
Kennon Gash Guard
Edge Guard
Edge Guard
Corner Guard
Corner Guard