Military Aircraft Covers


Military Helicopter Covers
All cockpit/window covers are available in Desert Sand color and lined with Kennon's safer Anti-grit lining.

UH-72 Lakota

Kennon designs and builds safer covers and builds them to last.

If you are buying covers for use in the desert, two things are essential:

1. The cover must fit snugly. A poor fitting cover allows sand intrusion and may damage the aircraft.

2. The fabric next to the windows must repel dust and sand. A fuzzy lining collects is soft to the touch but the fuzz collects dust and sand that may scratch the windows.

Kennon uses a slippery micro-fiber lining that repels sand, and is safer against the windows.

Helicopter cover
-47 Helicopter Covers
Before you order covers, request a material samples from competing companies and compare them. Request a cover demonstration or ask other units about the covers they use.

Kennon will gladly send you samples or schedule cover demonstrations and help your secure safer covers that are build to last!


KIOWA Case Study
Kiowa Warrior

Crews said that ordinary Kiowa Warrior cockpit covers were bulky and a pain to manage.

They liked Kennon's Windshield Cover because it was quick and easy to install and remove.

The micro fiber lining didn't hold sand and was gentle against the windows.

The door cover has a fiber-filled gasket on the inside of the cover to keep to keep the sand out!

Kiowa Warrior
Kiowa outer door

Kiowa Warrior Door
Kiowa inner door
Available in desert as well as "winter" colors. KENOH58-301-01