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Kennon's team is proud that the U.S.A.F. Thunderbirds use Kennon Aircraft Covers

I just wanted to pass along our thanks and praise to you and all the people of Kennon for the new Naugahyde covers. Since receiving them we have been to 5 different show locations and have thoroughly put them through the ringer. Not only do the covers hold up to the everyday stress we put on them but they look absolutely Fantastic!

The time and effort your company put in to making them is extremely noticeable. I cannot tell you enough how pleased we are with the final product. I have no doubt that we will continue to come back to Kennon Covers for any future needs we have. Thanks again!

USAFADS "Thunderbirds"
Nellis AFB NV 89081

NASA Shuttle Carrier
NASA Shuttle Carrier Aircraft Engine Cover

NASA P3 Engine Cover
NASA P-3 Engine Covers

F16 Engine Exhaust Plug
F35 Intake Plug
F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Intake Plugs

F16 Intake, Seat, & HUD Covers

C-17 Covers

CH-47 Sunshields

CH-47 Sunshields
CH-47 Sunshields