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Kennon Sun Shields are the aircraft world's leading form of heat protection.
Chinook Sun Shields
Kennon Sun Shields are the only shields developed and tested and approved for use on most DOD aircraft by the Windshield Program Office, Wright Patterson AFB.

No fasteners and no modification to the aircraft are needed.  The shields fit snugly into the frame around the window/canopy. 


Heat protection for F-18 aircraft

Sun Shields S-72

Av-8 Harrier Sun Shields

C130 Sun Shields
Inside Sun Shields
CH-47 Sunshields


F15 Canopy Up Kennon Aircraft Covers Sunshield Performance

During the Gulf War, avionics failures increased due to high cockpit temperatures experienced in the desert environment. 

Kennon Aircraft Covers was chosen to manufacture the sunshields for this test.  
Kennon sunshields perfectly match the contour of windows and canopies and stay in place with a friction fit.

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