Military Aircraft Covers


Padded Transport and Storage Covers
Each cover is custom designed and built to protect the entire aircraft.
Helicopter Transport and Storage Covers
Sikorsy Plant. Stratford, CT

Kennon's Transport and Storage Covers are carefully designed with the following features:

  • Padded to prevent flying rocks and sand from damaging the surface.
  • Form fitted so they don't move in high winds, even when on the back of a truck that travels the roads at 70 mph.
  • Designed to breath so as not to trap corrosion causing moisture.
  • Inner AntiGrit lining is designed to prevent scratching.
  • Designed to be installed in minutes, not days.
  • Designed to be used again and again.


Transport Covers

Kennon Covers prevent corrosion and damage from the environment by keeping out rain, dust and snow, while allowing moisture in the air beneath the cover to escape.

Every exterior cover that touches the the transparency system is lined with Kennon's anti-grit lining. Here's why.

Kennon designs and protects high value assets with sewn and heat welded fabrics. There is no job too big, no asset too valuable that we cannot protect from Mother Nature.