Military Aircraft Covers


Kennon Military Aircraft Covers

Kennon is the leader in military aircraft protection. Kennon covers protect aircraft and avionics, reducing maintenance and lowering life cycle costs

Kennon manufactures protective covers for all aircraft. Kennon’s designs and material choices provide world class fit and function.  We readily design new covers as new requirements arise.

Kennon Covers – the best covers and the best value in the industry – Safer Covers, Built to Last.

C-17 Engine Intake Covers
Kennon is proud to serve 452 MXG , March Air Reserve Base. Photo courtesy of the United State Air Force. Thank you.


Kennon Sun Shields reduce heat build-up. 
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Transport Covers
Transport & Storage Covers keep aircraft safe.
F16 Engine Exhaust
Exhaust Plugs
F16 Intake Seat HUD
Intake, Seat, & HUD Covers
NASA Shuttle Carrier
Engine Covers
F35 Intake Plug
Intake Plugs... and more!
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